Live Cam Streams in VR (Desktop PC's only!)

This is an experimental VR site!

HOW TO WATCH THIS IN VR - Desktop, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Download and install JanusVR (if you need help then check out the Discord channel or the Subreddit).

Copy this url to clipboard -

If you want to create a private room for yourself or friends then add ?xx after the url like

Run JanusVR, press tab and then paste the url (it should paste into the top left corner url box)

Press Enter to create the portal and walk through it. Enjoy! ;-)


Would you like a customised version hosted on your own website? Get in touch!


Various optimizations.

Troll prevention, not to dumb down the experience but to stop people ruining it for others.

Ability to sign up to Chaturbate to interact with the webcamers (if you already have an account you should be able to log in). If you want an account at Chaturbate get one here for free!

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