While Chrome is still a little slow in the WebVR department, Mozilla has just announce that WebVR will be enabled by default in Firefox 55.

What does this mean

Well currently, for anyone wanting to view this site in VR they either need Chromium or Firefox nightly, these are experimental builds that have the WebVR capability, which is a bit of a pain in the butt. But come August all of the VR porn here on XXX VR Site will be viewable through the standard Firefox browser and any VR headset from the get-go.

XXX VR Sites has always had WebVR content viewable since 2014! Either by using JanusVR, JanusWeb, A-Frame or DelightVR (which is our current viewer of choice). So it's real exciting that this is finally coming as a lot of us have been waiting for this moment for a long time, hopefully Chrome won't be too far behind.

This doesn't just mean we are going to have a virtual reality porn media player viewing in Firefox by default, but it also opens up the gates to something much bigger and more entertaining, we at XXX VR Sites are currently speaking to one of the biggest porn producers in the world to bring you something completely new an unique in the VR Porn world, more will be announced in a couple of weeks!:)