Recently Pornhub released their statistics on searches for Virtual Reality porn, and they're pretty damn healthy stats!

In fact they say VR porn is now being watched over half a million times a day and is one of the fastest growing categories. After 'VR', the most sought after clips appear to be 360 content (presuming that 180,220 is the standard?).  Men show as being 160% more likely to watch VR Porn compared to women, but as producers such as VirtualRealPassion (vr porn from women's point of view) then we expect this to change over the coming months.


Christmas time of 2016 saw a large spike in traffic, unsurprisingly as cheap alternatives to the Rift and Vive like the Gear VR and Google DayDream headsets are becoming increasingly popular.


Other details show that viewers tend to watch 11 vr porn videos compared viewers of normal porn which is at 9 views. Even when viewed on a flat-screen monitor it's probably a bit more entertaining when you can pan and tilt the camera around, I remember demoing some vr porn and quite a few people just enjoyed looking around the furniture in the clips.. go figure :P

The Asian market is growing rapidly, our stats show the same as China accounts for a load of traffic on xxx vr sites (even though, you know.. it shouldn't).


Over the past twelve months the population of Virtual Reality viewers has increased all across the United States, but the largest growth has been in Eastern states. California accounts for the most Virtual Reality views each day but the growth rate has been much slower. The highest rate of growth has been Ireland and the UK which have risen by 250%.

The UK is due to bring in age verification requirements on all paid porn sites, will be interesting to see (if it happens) what the affect will be.

Pornhub have more in-depth details on there site and makes more pretty interesting viewing, VR porn is definitely not going anywhere! :)