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Delight VR test

17 February, 2017

If you have WebVR capable kit then come and check out something I've worked on today, this player made with Delight VR will show the last three videos from each VR Porn producer. Click the image to have a look!


Hands free WebVR navigation of XXX VR

07 November, 2016

You can now navigate the entire library of eight sections of our site without clicking a button!


What do you need to view them?

On PC: A fairly good internet connection (10Mbit or better), a good graphics card (GTX 980 or better. An Oculus Rift CV1 or HTC Vive and FireFox nightly with WebVR enabled. It will not work with vanilla FireFox nor Chrome, not yet anyway.

Once you're set up load the link below and click on the HMD icon at the bottom right of the screen.

On Mobile: It will work on some phones although thorough testing still needs to be done on that side. Please check out the link below on your mobile, if it works we would love to hear from you in the comments!

So if you have the kit come and check it out!

You you need help or have suggestions, or just want to discuss VR Porn then come and join our #slack community


WebVR player updated to A-Frame 3.0!

03 November, 2016

Have now managed to upgrade the WebVR player to A-Frame 3.0 as well as the video controls. Decided to remove the VR back button as I couldn't find a good place to position it without it getting in the way at some point. Videos should now load faster and be better optimized for mobiles and VR enabled browsers.

Current state of WebVR (A-Frame) compatibility

24 October, 2016

Our WebVR/A-Frame based player uses three scripts.

A-Frame itself (we're currently using version 2x whereas 3x is the preferred option).
Look at controls (with mouse or VR headset you can look at buttons to activate them).
A-Frame Stereo component (which gives the videos their true 3D look in VR).

A-Frame version 2x has been deprecated and unless you're running and older version of Chromium or FireFox nightly you'll unlikely be able to watch the videos in VR (sorry!).

We can't upgrade to 3x just yet but that is hopefully coming very soon (like days) - we're just waiting for the stereo component to be upgraded to work with A-Frame 3x, that and also to have the ability to watch over-and-under videos and not just side-by-side.



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