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JanusWeb updates

03 November, 2016

We are now enabling JanusWeb as a VR viewer. 9 types of video are at our disposal but there's still work to be done before we enable all of them, here's what's to come!

  1. Flat videos (so basically something like a big TV)
  2. Flat Side-By-Side videos. These should be working in the deepthroats section (currently working on a WebVR version of this).
  3. Flat Over-And-Under video (same as above but for videos split horizontally).
  4. 180 Flat video (probably worthless but worth catering too)
  5. 180 Side-By-Side (the most popular format)
  6. 180 Over-And-Under (180 degree views with over-and-under format)
  7. 360 Flat Videos (not 3D but videos that wrap around you in 360 - PlayStation compatible too)
  8. 360 Side-By-Side (Monster bandwidth hog but still catering too them)
  9. 360 Over-And-Under (360 degree views with over-and-under format)


Current state of JanusWeb compatibility

24 October, 2016

JanusWeb is a web based viewer that allows you access VR Sites created for JanusVR. It runs very well but still has issues with the UX, they will be sorted out is due course (soon), but is currently a bit fragile when viewing our videos.


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