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VR3000 aiming to bring VR Porn to EU hotels

19 May, 2017


VR3000 is seeking to replace TV porn in European hotels with VR headsets, apparently 85% of hotels have already agreed to bring this service into play. Many hotels stopped offering porn via tv's as mobile porn has become so popular and mostly free, so offering pay-per-view (or in hotels it's usually pay-per-minute!) porn doesn't make sense financially as most hotels offer wi-fi.

Offering Virtual Reality headsets makes sense all round, not just for porn and movies but it's another way to get vr out there and increase its popularity.

If you want to find out more you can email Andy Alvarez

Pornhub insights reveals VR searches skyhigh

17 May, 2017

Recently Pornhub released their statistics on searches for Virtual Reality porn, and they're pretty damn healthy stats!

In fact they say VR porn is now being watched over half a million times a day and is one of the fastest growing categories. After 'VR', the most sought after clips appear to be 360 content (presuming that 180,220 is the standard?).  Men show as being 160% more likely to watch VR Porn compared to women, but as producers such as VirtualRealPassion (vr porn from women's point of view) then we expect this to change over the coming months.


Christmas time of 2016 saw a large spike in traffic, unsurprisingly as cheap alternatives to the Rift and Vive like the Gear VR and Google DayDream headsets are becoming increasingly popular.


Other details show that viewers tend to watch 11 vr porn videos compared viewers of normal porn which is at 9 views. Even when viewed on a flat-screen monitor it's probably a bit more entertaining when you can pan and tilt the camera around, I remember demoing some vr porn and quite a few people just enjoyed looking around the furniture in the clips.. go figure :P

The Asian market is growing rapidly, our stats show the same as China accounts for a load of traffic on xxx vr sites (even though, you know.. it shouldn't).


Over the past twelve months the population of Virtual Reality viewers has increased all across the United States, but the largest growth has been in Eastern states. California accounts for the most Virtual Reality views each day but the growth rate has been much slower. The highest rate of growth has been Ireland and the UK which have risen by 250%.

The UK is due to bring in age verification requirements on all paid porn sites, will be interesting to see (if it happens) what the affect will be.

Pornhub have more in-depth details on there site and makes more pretty interesting viewing, VR porn is definitely not going anywhere! :)


VR 'Sex Edutainment' is revolutionizing the adult industry

09 March, 2017

"Virtual Sexology" pairs an adult star with a sex therapist to bring Masters and Johnson techniques to the porn-enlightened public


For decades, porn has been blamed for creating unrealistic sexual expectations, and for some addicts, it's impacted the ability to have healthy sexual relationships in the real world.

Now one adult entertainment company is using virtual reality – and one of the hottest porn stars out there – to teach guys how to have better sex, both for their own benefit and the benefit of their partner.

You can read the read the full article on Virtual Sexology at

Behind the scenes of a VR porn shoot

09 March, 2017

"Adult entertainment is married to technology now"

When Todd Glider, CEO of virtual reality porn studio and media company Badoink, asked me to drop in on a VR porn shoot, I couldn't help but think of that scene in The Big Lebowski where the Dude meets Jackie Treehorn at his palatial Malibu home, and the porn magnet tries to sell Dude on the future of pornography.

You can read the rest of this article on

Littlstar updated for PSVR

04 March, 2017

Littlstar player for PSVR has been updated, you can now finally watch 180 SBS/OU and 360 SBS/OU videos! That means pretty much any trailer from this site should work on the player.

As you can see from the image below you'll need to create a top level folder called Littlstar and rename the file to contain either _ou  (for over and under videos), or _sbs (for side by side videos).


Visit the Littlstar website for more information.


PrimaVR Offers a Virtual Touch

09 December, 2016

undefinedLOS ANGELES — PrimaVR has announced the release of its new virtual reality application that lets audiences “feel” and interact with holographic videos.

According to the tech startup, its VR software is the first to provide haptic feedback for videos

PrimaVR spokesperson Anton Bailey says that the new technology brings life to videos, explaining that by holding a VR controller, users can actually feel virtual performers, even sensing the model’s heartbeat through the controller’s subtle vibration, while poking the image results in a stronger feedback.

Read more at Xbiz...

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