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I'm away for a bit!

16 June, 2017

Dusting off my laptop and taking a trip to the UK for a bit, not sure what I'll be able to do on ye olde' laptop but I'll try and update the site if I can! Otherwise expect a week of no activity, will try my best ;)

Free sex toy (for women!) from BaDoinkVR

07 June, 2017

"An Exploration of the Uniquely Feminine Aspects of Desire and Pleasure"


The world's premier website for adult VR porn has just announced the second installation of their Virtual Sexology "What Women Want" by BaDoinkVR. It's a therapeutic educational series aimed specifically at women. With this new instalment, they are also offering 10000 sex toys completely free! The intention of the series is to enhance sexual performance and pleasure for individuals and couples alike. 

Free videos and sex toy (while they last) can be found on  (Guaranteed discrete shipping and packaging.)

New section added - XXX VR porn games

05 June, 2017

Something I've been meaning to add was some XXX VR sex games, only have two right now but more will be added soon!

SinVR and 3DXChat are here <-

Completely free video from CzechVR Casting

04 June, 2017

New Way for VR Castings!

Woop! That's right, a completely free download from CzechVR Casting. Click the image below and scroll down to video number 074, no sign up needed, just click the download link for the full video!



WebVR to be enabled by default in Firefox 55

03 June, 2017

While Chrome is still a little slow in the WebVR department, Mozilla has just announce that WebVR will be enabled by default in Firefox 55.

What does this mean

Well currently, for anyone wanting to view this site in VR they either need Chromium or Firefox nightly, these are experimental builds that have the WebVR capability, which is a bit of a pain in the butt. But come August all of the VR porn here on XXX VR Site will be viewable through the standard Firefox browser and any VR headset from the get-go.

XXX VR Sites has always had WebVR content viewable since 2014! Either by using JanusVR, JanusWeb, A-Frame or DelightVR (which is our current viewer of choice). So it's real exciting that this is finally coming as a lot of us have been waiting for this moment for a long time, hopefully Chrome won't be too far behind.

This doesn't just mean we are going to have a virtual reality porn media player viewing in Firefox by default, but it also opens up the gates to something much bigger and more entertaining, we at XXX VR Sites are currently speaking to one of the biggest porn producers in the world to bring you something completely new an unique in the VR Porn world, more will be announced in a couple of weeks!:)



Virtual Reality Is The Future Of Porn And We Need To Calm Down About It

01 June, 2017

People will still have sex. Promise.

When I was a kid, I loved thinking about the future. I was sure we would all be wearing one piece space rompers. We would eat all of our meals via pill and be able to taste things in our dreams. I thought I would own hover crafts in multiple shades and that I would have a holographic butler to tend to my every need. None of that has happened (except for like, maybe the rompers). Read the full article on

Can't touch this! BadoinkVR's New Hands-Free Theater Mode

27 May, 2017

One of the most annoying things about watching VR porn on your mobile is having to take the phone out of the hmd, BaDoinkVR have recently released (in Beta form) their hands free system for watching their videos. Theater mode allows you to watch and navigate their library without the need to use buttons, instead you can look around to control all settings you would ever need, this also allows you to keep your hands on the Klneenex while your eyes control the porn playback.

And this is where their new virtual reality Theater Mode comes into it's own.

After you log into BaDoinkVR on your mobile you can either navigate to the Menu where you will find VR Theatre mode or, you will see a small pink box that prompts you to change to virtual reality Theatre mode while still browsing the video page. You will be able to control just about everything just by using your eyes. With the newly implemented tech removing the phone from your headset will finally be a thing of the past.


BaDoinkVR has designed a simple new menu structure that's simple to use and easy enough to operate just by gazing at it. A cursor that's seemingly floating in the air is controlled by your device's head-tracking tech, this allows you to browse the video archive, jump across menu items and also play and pause videos. This is a completely re-vamped hands-free viewing experience that gets rid the hassle of clumsily manipulating hardware or download times.

Theater Mode works out of the box on all smart mobile phones; there's no need to download or install anything! Just put on your VR head mounted display, lay back and stream as many videos as you would like to from your very own 360-degree view luxury apartment!

The new interface is currently running in Beta while they're busy ironing out the last few issues.

VR3000 aiming to bring VR Porn to EU hotels

19 May, 2017


VR3000 is seeking to replace TV porn in European hotels with VR headsets, apparently 85% of hotels have already agreed to bring this service into play. Many hotels stopped offering porn via tv's as mobile porn has become so popular and mostly free, so offering pay-per-view (or in hotels it's usually pay-per-minute!) porn doesn't make sense financially as most hotels offer wi-fi.

Offering Virtual Reality headsets makes sense all round, not just for porn and movies but it's another way to get vr out there and increase its popularity.

If you want to find out more you can email Andy Alvarez

Pornhub insights reveals VR searches skyhigh

17 May, 2017

Recently Pornhub released their statistics on searches for Virtual Reality porn, and they're pretty damn healthy stats!

In fact they say VR porn is now being watched over half a million times a day and is one of the fastest growing categories. After 'VR', the most sought after clips appear to be 360 content (presuming that 180,220 is the standard?).  Men show as being 160% more likely to watch VR Porn compared to women, but as producers such as VirtualRealPassion (vr porn from women's point of view) then we expect this to change over the coming months.


Christmas time of 2016 saw a large spike in traffic, unsurprisingly as cheap alternatives to the Rift and Vive like the Gear VR and Google DayDream headsets are becoming increasingly popular.


Other details show that viewers tend to watch 11 vr porn videos compared viewers of normal porn which is at 9 views. Even when viewed on a flat-screen monitor it's probably a bit more entertaining when you can pan and tilt the camera around, I remember demoing some vr porn and quite a few people just enjoyed looking around the furniture in the clips.. go figure :P

The Asian market is growing rapidly, our stats show the same as China accounts for a load of traffic on xxx vr sites (even though, you know.. it shouldn't).


Over the past twelve months the population of Virtual Reality viewers has increased all across the United States, but the largest growth has been in Eastern states. California accounts for the most Virtual Reality views each day but the growth rate has been much slower. The highest rate of growth has been Ireland and the UK which have risen by 250%.

The UK is due to bring in age verification requirements on all paid porn sites, will be interesting to see (if it happens) what the affect will be.

Pornhub have more in-depth details on there site and makes more pretty interesting viewing, VR porn is definitely not going anywhere! :)


View WebVR porn by producers (fixed some issues, and created more)

01 May, 2017

You can now view WebVR porn by producer with the drop-down menu.

The Deepthroats and Deepstars sections were broken in the cinema view (sorry), fixed!

No idea why but some of the thumbs are not showing in the WebVR mode sections, I'll see if I can find out why, they still play though!


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