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Delight VR test

17 February, 2017

If you have WebVR capable kit then come and check out something I've worked on today, this player made with Delight VR will show the last three videos from each VR Porn producer. Click the image to have a look!


What is NEW?

30 January, 2017

On the homepage you'll see NEW next to some of the videos, I did have 'added today' but I didn't think that would work so well depending on what time I get around to updating the site. So NEW means that the video was added within the last 3 days.


Updatey stuff

19 January, 2017

On the homepage, the images of the latest clips now go directly to that particular clip, the name of the producer above will go to the category.

Most keywords/tag/actors have been added (except TeenMegaWorld as their title naming system is strange af).

Some notable tags which I'll probably add into the menu directly:

Still need to faff around with the way the tag system works but it's mostly there.

I'm thinking a chained tag search might be good in VR. So you could [look at] tag words to narrow down something you want to see:  blonde -> big+tits -> blowjob - would end up showing the appropriate clip(s).

Working on a price comparison chart and video producer comparison page, I'll base the results on data gathered from various sites which will be noted on the page.

Tag system started (but...)

07 January, 2017

But! this idiot didn't populate the database from day 1, so I'll be going through and adding the stars / tags and so on over the coming days.. weeks, maybe years!

Working on it anyway, shouldn't take too long ;)

Having a short break!

28 December, 2016

Hi folks,

Just to let you know I'm having a few days away from the site, I need to focus my attention on other things that indirectly will be great for XXX VR Sites ;)

Hope you all had a great seasonal holiday!

PrimaVR Offers a Virtual Touch

09 December, 2016

undefinedLOS ANGELES — PrimaVR has announced the release of its new virtual reality application that lets audiences “feel” and interact with holographic videos.

According to the tech startup, its VR software is the first to provide haptic feedback for videos

PrimaVR spokesperson Anton Bailey says that the new technology brings life to videos, explaining that by holding a VR controller, users can actually feel virtual performers, even sensing the model’s heartbeat through the controller’s subtle vibration, while poking the image results in a stronger feedback.

Read more at Xbiz...

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