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Updated: 17 December 2016

XXX VRSites was started in 2014 and was initially based around a 3D internet browser called JanusVR (back then it was called Firebox 3D).

Since 2014 the website has undergone many iterations and has now become a virtual reality porn viewing platform in A-Frame, Delight VR, JanusWeb and JanusVR. It is a highly experimental site that embraces virtual reality technology and goes beyond the basic VR viewers that most virtual reality porn websites offer.

Each section of the virtual reality part of this site will get better as each of the aforementioned technologies does. Currently the state of the technologies we use is rather varied due to the early status of VR, and so the experiences differ greatly.

We have no preferred method of delivering VR Porn, only to the extent of utilizing each individual method as best as we possible can depending on how capable the technology is, we also take into account internet bandwidth and current standard PC/Mobile specifications.

It is still early days especially for web based VR, but there will be so much more to come within the coming months and years, we are dedicated to what we do and will follow each tech closely and keep up to date and much as we can.

In each section of this about page we will cover in more details about the technologies we use (they will change occasionally so if you're interested in the XXX VRSites project please check every so often).

Should you have enquires into our site feel free to drop us an email at hello@vrsites.com


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Delight VR


Updated: 17 December 2016

We recently replaced the basic HTML5 video player with the pretty nifty Delight VR player.

As well as the normal SBS 180/360 view it will also play flat side-by-side videos, and on top of that it also allows stereoscopic backgrounds. After a bit of hunting around in the Unity asset store we found some awesome pre-rendered 3D backgrounds, the screenshot below doesn't do this justice but if you're in VR with a headset then the entire scenery plus the video are all in 3D, it looks amazing! As most of our clips are sbs 180 the only categories that make use of the visual you see below are the Deepthroats and Deepstars sections, go check them out with your phone, vive or oculus (with Firefox nightly).

SBS porn videos in Delight VR player


Delight VR

Janus VR


JanusVR : The World Inside the Web

Webpages become 3D spaces interconnected by portals. Explore, collaborate and build, with or without a headset.


Updated: 17 December 2016

JanusVR, founded by James McCrae, is a standalone 3D internet browser for Windows, Linux and Mac. The application has been build from the ground up especially for virtual reality internet browsing.

The way it works is by reading code from a normal web page that contains special markup, the code is encapsulated with tags <FireBoxRoom></FireBoxRoom>, any normal browser will ignore this code and the front-end view of the webpage will not be affected, but when viewed with JanusVR the webpage will turn into a social, multi-player virtual reality experience.

JanusVR then and now

Over the last few years JanusVR has grown to become an incredibly versatile VR browser, what started off as a single person coding day and night has now become a funded corporation with a team of incredibly talented people.


JanusVR is Oculus Rift, GearVR and Vive compatible (wand and touch controllers work too) and is also completely free. The team are hard at work on getting JanusVR onto Oculus home which should happen late 2016 or early 2017.

XXX VRSites in JanusVR


We are currently working on the next version of XXX VRSites for JanusVR.

JanusVR version of XXX VRSites

The above image was the last version of XXX VRSites, we are currently figuring out how we would like the new version to work.

Even though we have a line through the links to JanusVR on our VR clips pages they do actually work (you can copy and paste the urls into JanusVR to see the videos in a 3D room), but this is not the way we envisage the future of our site from inside JanusVR.

We aim to create of a more social experience and we want to promote the companies we advertise for in a unique way that really can only be done properly in JanusVR. Once we have something concrete set upon it will be announced on our Facebook, Reddit and Twitter pages.





Updated: 17 December 2016

JanusWeb is the WebVR version of JanusVR. The XXX VRSites version of JanusWeb plays nicely with Chrome but not Firefox.

JanusWeb uses the same markup as JanusVR, all thats needed to run it on a webpage is one small javascript include. Any page created for JanusVR/JanusWeb offers the ability to have multiple people in the same room, this is something XXX VRSites is going to be looking into as a way to make VR Porn a social experience.





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